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Safety, fun and fitness - these are the key values we at Sarah’s Swim Academy advocate.

In the South African context, water is everywhere. For a child who cannot swim, this can lead to disaster. It becomes particularly dangerous if the adults around a child cannot swim either. An instance where a child who innocently stumbles into a bucket of water, falls from a boat, leans over too far while looking at fish in a fish pond, falls or is pushed by another child into a pool could turn deadly if that child can't swim.

From our watertoddlers to our adults, the safety of all our swimmers is our first priority. Swimming is an extremely important life saving skill that you should not neglect.

Our philosophy is simple

To passionately deliver the highest quality swimming experience to toddlers, children and adults
while staying safe, having fun and keeping fit.

Our classes are built around safety in the water.
Our focus is to teach swimming from toddler to adulthood in a safe environment for all swimmers. We encourage parents to get involved in teaching their toddlers basic safety skills in the water and we assist parents to develop their toddlers’ natural swimming ability.

As with any activity, an element of fun must always be present. Fun motivates us to continue to learn and hang in there when things become a little more challenging. We achieve this through play, which creates a fun and exciting environment for all levels of swimmers.

Our pool is indoor and heated

With obesity levels in adults and children on the rise, regular exercise is an integral part of every person’s life. Swimming offers a solution to regular exercise and helps maintain a sound fitness base whether it is for swimmers, who are looking for 'competition' or simply wanting some exercise, we have ensured that our program caters for everyone.

Our goal is to teach young children and adults to swim in a positive, safe, fun and loving environment.
We recognise that each person is an individual with different emotional and developmental needs and we tailor each lesson to those needs.

In addition to teaching the skill of swimming, we also strive to develop each child's self esteem, confidence and love for the water. Creating a happy swimmer is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Our instructors and coaches have a genuine love of teaching as well as people.
These are the key criteria we look at when selecting instructors and coaches to join Sarah's Swim Academy.


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  • Craighall Primary School
    Craighall Park, Johannesburg

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Term 1: 10 January - 30 June 2023

Term 2: 17 July - 15 December 2023

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